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Onsite Training

“Read. Read code. Code.”

That, as they say, is the traditional method of learning the craft of software – and those three tasks still form the basis for a long lasting career in software development. Many developers – myself included – learned that way.

However, the software industry is no longer an upstart industry – it’s a massive behemoth, with myriad specialties, sub specialties, and sub-sub specialties. A modern developer’s toolkit has many, many tools in it – from languages and frameworks to editors and IDEs. No developer – no matter how experienced – can be an expert in every technology he uses unless he’s confined to very simple projects. Constant training is a must.

As a result, modern developers need a diverse mix of training approaches – books and blog posts can take you far, as can practical experience in code review and in development, but you can often accelerate learning by picking up practical tips from experienced developers – experienced developers like me.

Now, I offer that service in a few different ways. One way is by consulting reports – answering specific questions in a written report. A second approach is phone or email consulting – answering questions on a need-by-need basis.

Another great approach is onsite training – it lets me tailor my help to your team’s needs very closely.

In fact, you’d be surprised at what gaps developers have in their skillset. On one occasion, I recall explaining about database performance and mentioning ACID compliance in an offhanded manner – only to realize that the assembled devs before me had no idea what ACID meant. If I had been writing a consulting report, likely this gap in knowledge would not have been remedied – but I was onsite, so I could give a quick explanation of ACID and how it effects web performance.

Here’s a few subjects I’d be happy to talk about:

  • Schema Design Principles for Performance and Accuracy
  • Speeding up Ruby on Rails Applications
  • From Browser to Database: Overview of Web Application Performance
  • Aggressive Data Archiving: Design and Implementation for Performance

I can tailor any of these talks for your specific situation, or devise something custom; this can also be coupled with a code review or consulting report.

I’m happy to schedule an onsite visit for your team – call me anytime at (603)-574-4766, and I’m sure we can work something out.

My Writing

I’ve written several books on computer programming – specifically Practical Ruby Gems, Practical Rails Plugins, and Practical Reporting with Ruby and Rails.

I also write for magazines – like Dr Dobb’s Journal, Linux Pro Magazine, PHP International Magazine, as well as online publications like IBM DeveloperWorks and Red Hat Magazine.